Friday, December 17, 2010

Heidelberg Walking Tour App

A couple of months ago I authored three "apps" for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. These apps are guided walking tours through and around our beautiful city of Heidelberg, Germany. The first of these, "Charming Heidelberg," has now reached to Apple Apps Store, the others, "Scenic Heidelberg, Parts 1 and 2," will be released shortly.

The tour "Charming Heidelberg" is a two hour walking tour through the old part of the city and takes about two hours. It is designed for the busy traveler who has only a limited time to spend in Heidelberg, but who wants to take away the essential impressions of this historic city. The traveler is guided from view point to view point via a map and is given a short audio as well as a textual description of the important features of each sight.

You can see the tour "Charming Heidelberg" on iTunes at: