Monday, August 8, 2016

The Truth be Told!

The truth be told: I don't like Donald Trump and I can't understand how anybody could!
A recent incident involving Mr. Trump reminded me of an anecdote related to me by a retired Army officer who had been a helicopter pilot in the Vietnam War. He told me the following: During one particular mission his helicopter was shot up considerably, yet he was able to complete the mission and return to his base. After landing, as he was walking away from his helicopter, he noticed that one leg on his flight suit was all wet. Heavy perspiration of the upper body was quite common in the heat and humidity of Vietnam and the stress of getting shot at, but a wet pant leg was unusual. When he reached down, he found out that it was blood that made the leg of the flight suit wet. In fact, blood was running down his leg and had already filled up one of his boots. Apparently the adrenaline rush during the encounter with the enemy had blocked out any pain. He went to the dispensary and was immediately put into a hospital bed. After he was patched up and released from the hospital, someone came to present him with the Purple Heart medal he deserved for his wound. However, he turned down the medal saying that there were soldiers out there who lost limbs and received grievous wounds that would make them invalids and cause them to be handicapped for the rest of their lives and he didn't think that he deserved a Purple Heart for a “nip in the buttocks.”
The incident that reminded me of this anecdote was Donald Trump's accepting a Purple Heart medal from a handicapped veteran, who undoubtedly earned it, and flaunting it as if he deserved it and exclaiming that this was an easier way to get one. I find this an affront to all Purple Heart recipients - all this in the wake of revelations of how Donald Trump allegedly avoided military service.